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The energy transition away from oil and gas is an opportunity to fix the issues that workers face. If you will be one of those impacted by a shift away from oil and gas, you should have more control over government policies and employers should be held accountable to you.

We want to listen, learn and work with you

At Platform and Friends of the Earth Scotland, we campaign for a worker-led just transition. We’ve already worked together with some oil and gas workers to create a demand for an Offshore Passport, which would allow people to move freely between wind and oil & gas, reducing costs and ticket duplication.

Now, we are working to create demands for the energy transition that are built by offshore workers like you.
We’d like to speak to as many people as possible, so whether you’re up for a chat on the phone, joining a workshop in your area, or organising a workshop with us – let us know!

About the workshops

We’ll be running a series workshops across the UK. Each workshop will involve discussing scenarios and questions about the energy transition to create demands for oil and gas workers.

For anyone attending a workshop, we will cover travel, expenses, food for the day and reimburse you £100 for your time.

There will be workshops in Aberdeen (6th & 19th March, April 21st, May 22nd), Newcastle (April 5th) and Edinburgh (22nd April).

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